The Human Pixellator
This is a tool for planning Human Images, which by some are called "Card Stunts" or maybe "Human LCD". I have allso heard some calling it Human Mosaic. I believe that "Card Stunts" is the most often used name for the concept. The idea is to let a lot of people show some coloured cardboard sheets according to a coordination plan, thus producing images one by one. Each image production is called a "stunt".

Each participating person represents one pixel of the image. If there are multiple images or stunts, every person must have just as many coloured sheets, or at least one sheet for each color in the position.

Each package of sheets is unique. That means you need a unique list for each pixel/person. That requires a lot of laborious analysis with high probability of making mistakes. Not to mention if you need to change the plan of stunts.

This is where Human Pixellator will come in handy. It helps you to collect the images, place them in the appropriate sequence and then describe each package of sheets. Ultimately you can print a pick list for each pixel in the image.
I hope that you will find Pixellator easy and fairly intuitive to use. Here are some screendumps.

License: Free. But I would be happy to get a photo or a link to your result.
Platform: Only Windows - I'm sorry ...
Download: Download Human Pixellator
Version: This is very much an alpha version. It does the job, but it still has some minor flaws - mainly aesthetic.
Wishlist: Ability to reduce number of colors in image
A tutorial to show how easy the Pixellator is used

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