The Directory Cartographer
With Directory Cartographer you can register and analyze a directory structure and create a description of its hierarchy of files and folders.
You can also get an indication of which files and folders are referenced from other files - like from configuration files.

Directory Cartographer is not a graphical application, it just produces a text report that can be visualized as a graphic chart.

The report is in GraphMl, a well established xml-format for graph analysis.

To visualize the structure report, you need a tool for graph analysis that imports GraphMl.
There are a few of them, also some that are free or Open Source. My choise happens to be yEd from yWorks. It has some good customization capabilities and lets you create a nice presentation of the structure. It also has tools for visual graph analysis.

I hope that you will find Directory Cartographer easy and fairly intuitive to use. Here are some screendumps.

License: Free.
Platform: Windows, .Net 4.0
Download: Download Directory Cartographer
Version: Version is an alpha version. It does the job, but it still has some flaws.
Known issues: Very large structures can make the program stop and die.
Create only one analysis per session. Restart, if you need another analysis.

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